Major engineering projects are complex undertakings, often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers

Eshet’s structure design division is comprised of building engineers, who are responsible for the design of concrete and steel structures of all sizes and purposes, including multi-story buildings, bridges, underground structures, explosion-proof buildings and all types of industrial steel structures.

Eshet offers engineering services that can be contracted for any project phase, including comprehensive project management responsible for safety, sourcing of sub-contractors and consultants

Eshet has extensive experience in designing roads and tracks, from the physical planning of the roads, through the specification and design for drainage. The company also specializes in transportation and traffic plans, infrastructures and urban development.

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About Eshet

Eshet Engineering Ltd. specializes in civil engineering for government institutions, enterprises and entrepreneurs. An industry leader since 1987 Eshet has a broad range of experience in designing and implementing projects in the areas of construction, roads and transportation, and other engineering projects.

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